Smarty Pants

“Smartypants (Pete In School)”
Putnam, 2003

“Grade 2-5-Readers may recall from What Pete Ate from A-Z (Putnam, 2001) that this dog eats anything. That gets him into a pickle when he visits his owner at school. Poppy Wise narrates as Pete eats the math teacher’s pants. Mr. Grompi Spitzer promptly sends them to the principal’s office, where the pup eats an encyclopedia, rendering him superintelligent and able to speak. He returns to school the next day disguised as Poppy Wise’s cousin, and eventually charms the charming principal Miss Honeybee into relenting on the “no pets in school” rule. Fortunately, or un-, once Pete digests all his information, he goes back to being plain-old “dear sweet Pete.” Kalman’s fans will frolic through her complex and wacky paintings, playful text, and somewhat strung-out and predictable story. This is not Kalman’s strongest work, but it’s lots of fun for those who get the joke.” Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information, Inc.
– School Library Journal

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