Ooh-la-la, Max in Love

“Ooh-la-la, Max in Love”
Viking Penguin, 1994

“Ooh-la-la , c’est magnifique. Max Stravinsky, the poet dog hero of Max Makes a Million , realizes his dream of going to Paris in Kalman’s latest high-spirited high jinks. In the City of Light he goes to museums and clubs, meets like-minded suffering artists and falls in love with Crepes Suzette, “that divine dalmatian.” Visual and literary jokes abound–a Parisienne wears strategically placed bananas a la Josephine Baker; a hunchback crouches atop Notre Dame; a man’s hat is marked “this is not a hat”–while lighthearted digressions offer amusing first lessons in art appreciation. The exuberant text imports French words and other vocabulary that rely heavily on context but convey a rousing musicality (“I am Fritz from the Ritz / which I quit in a snit / when the chef in a fit / threw escargot on my chapeau / and hit my head / with a stale French bread”)–sophisticated fare indeed, but children and the uninitiated alike will find plenty of amusement nonetheless. Painstaking design integrates text and pictures, turns type upside-down or sideways, shrinks or expands type size–whimsical touches in perfect keeping with this fluid work. All ages.” Copyright 1991 Reed Business Information, Inc.
– Publisher’s Weekly

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